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ChrisEvil138's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 4 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 50 Points

The Woods

You Made Nora Cry... Unlocked 7/16/14
5 Points
You meanie.
Cake Roam Unlocked 7/16/14
10 Points
Too few to be a stampede, though.
Cake Stare Unlocked 7/16/14
10 Points
Staring not-so-sweetly at you.
Cake Queen Unlocked 7/16/14
25 Points
Queen of the cakes!
Cake Glare 10 Points What a mean look from something so sweet.
Cake Run 10 Points Run! Run! Run away!
Dani and Nora 10 Points Sisterly love is a precious thing.
Dani and Ren 10 Points Love in a dream?
Ren and Cake 10 Points Playing with food is not fun for Ren.
Ren and Dino 10 Points Dinosaurs are kidnappers?
Ren and Squid 10 Points Can't eat them, can't get along with them.
Ren and Squid Story 10 Points Story time about Ren's woes.
Weed Killer 10 Points Nora the weed killer.
Dino Friends 25 Points Dinosaurs are friends.
Eaten 25 Points A snack for cakes, oops...
Fire 25 Points WHY
Tea and Cookies 25 Points A lovely snack for two.
Little Fears 50 Points Nora probably still won't like Ren.
Nap Time 50 Points Food coma in a dream?
Toilet 50 Points ...Ew.
What Even 50 Points This sort of thing goes over Nora's head...

Medals Earned: 4/21 (50/440 points)